Dylan's Muse

Dylan's Muse


Dylan's Muse (the second installment in the Tryta Chronicles series) follows the child Dylan as he is pulled between two worlds. Dylan is the child of an angel and a demon and grows incredibly quickly on earth. He struggles to keep his mind and body in sync while trying to find himself and his place in the universe. At the end of Dylan's Cause (part one) little Dylan is celebrating his first birthday when he is taken by his father, a powerful demon namded Dwyn. "Muse" picks up with the fight to get Dylan back home with his mother and family. The Creator Himself gets involved and helps establish some ground rules that may offer some stability to Dylan's life. The Creator insists that the child have some exposure to Dwyn and insists on giving the child free will as he grows and decides who and what he will become. His little body and mind struggle with amazing supernatural growth spurts and all that comes with growing up into a teenager. As hard as life becomes, he has a loving family and meets new friends... one which becomes his muse.

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Pamela Swyers
Hardback | 362 pages
140 x 216 x 24mm | 594g
Publication date
11 Feb 2011
Swyers Publishing

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